What is Google Earth Outreach?
Google Earth Outreach is a program that helps provide nonprofits and public benefit organisations with the knowledge and resources they need to visualise their cause and tell their story in Google's mapping tools. The online program consists of an overview of mapping tools, success stories from nonprofits using Google mapping tools, tutorials, information about our grants program, as well as other resources for nonprofits. This short video is a great introduction to the program.

What can I expect at a Google Earth Outreach workshop?
The workshop will teach highly practical tools which organisations can use to collect, host, analyse, visualise, and publish map data using the power of the cloud. The workshop also provides a chance for professionals to network, discuss common issues and challenges, and learn how to train others within their organisation and the greater communitySee here and here for descriptions of past Google Earth Outreach workshops. 

Is there an agenda? What will be covered?
We plan to cover a variety of Google mapping technologies. Special attention will be paid to new Google tools available for nonprofit organisations, including Google Maps Engine, Google Earth Engine, and others. See our Agenda page for more info. 

Can anyone attend this workshop? How much does it cost? 
Anyone can attend, and attendance is free.  However, the workshop is geared toward remote sensing and GIS researchers and educators.

I'm not able to attend this workshop. Will there be future opportunities?
For information on future workshops and opportunities, check out our Events Calendar.


Where is the workshop being held? How do I get there?
See our Location & Directions page for more info on the location.